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Glazing Options

Astragral Georgian Bars

Astragral Georgian Bars

As well as offering an extensive range of window styles and colour finishes, at Longton Glass Ltd we also offer a variation of glazing options offering you even more opportunity to ensure your customers get exactly what they want.

Personalising a window with one of our glazing options can create a totally different feel which will complement your customers property whether traditional or contemporary, rural or urban.

We have recently seen a significant increase in demand for our Astragal Bar glass design which was launched in response to a call for more 'heritage' style products.

Designed to replicate traditional timber windows, the Astragal Bar design goes one step further than standard Georgian Bar. As well as incorporating spacer bars between the glass, bars are also raised from the glass to give the window an authentic Georgian look, making the Astragal Bar extremely popular, particularly with owners of older-style properties.

Offered in 60 and 70mm Chamfered and Sculptured ranges, the Astragal Bars are now also available in Longton Glass Ltd's Natural Colour Collection including the authentic Ice Cream and popular Chartwell Green foils, meaning they are set to become even more popular.

Encapsulated Blinds

Encapsulated Blinds

We have enhanced our current product range with the introduction of the Pellini encapsulated blind system.

The innovative blind system is not only ideal for PVC-U conservatories and sliding door systems but any double glazed windows that are subject to direct sunlight or require privacy.

With a choice of manual or motorised operation, the blinds can be raised or lowered to suit weather conditions as well as tilted to regulate the level of light or heat entering the room. Because the blinds sit between the panes of glazing, not only is there no need for cleaning and the slats are completed protected. This means maintenance is reduced, aesthetics are enhanced while the blinds are totally protected against dirt, dust or weather conditions.

Offered in a wide range of colours and fabrics and also with a choice of venetian or pleated blinds, the new system combines complete privacy with high performance suitable for all types of framing products.

A cost effective and innovative product that your customer will love


More than just glass

If you think a sheet of glass is a sheet of glass you are mistaken. Over the passed few years there have been major developments in glass technology that have totally changed the industry and its capabilities.

At Sierra we use only the highest quality glass ensuring your customers benefit from the associated advantages.

SGG Plantherm Total Energy Efficient Glass


SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL is specifically designed to help insulate by keeping as much heat inside as possible. Glass of this type is commonly known as thermally insulating glass or low emissivity glass

A transparent metallic coating on one side of the glass reflects the heat generated inside the house back into the room rather than it escaping through the window. At the same time it allows free heat and light from the sun (known as passive solar heat gain) to pass through the glass, warming your home and further contributing to the energy efficiency of your windows.